Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daddy's girl

Your wife kiss you goodbye and you stand by the window waving to her as she pull off from the porch.
I kneeled down under the window, realese ur cock out from ur pants and start licking it like licking a vanila ice cream.
Then suck and stroke it gently.
Your wife suddenly stop the car and come out to check on the engine.
So u have to stand by the window waiting for her to get done and leave.
At the same time, I squeeze ur balls and tighten my lips around your cock as i suck them.
You tried your best to act normal and smile to your wife.
I purposely moan like a cat while i eat ur pre cum.
Squeezing ur hard dick and make them throb.

I suck and swallow you in deeper and deeper, your wife still there outside cheking the car. You let out a grunt, your wife look up and ask u "honey whats wrong?"
You cover it up and say u were just cursing about the bad service from the car mechanic. She smile at you and continue on checking.
I undress myself, all four on floor, rubbing my clit on ur hard dick. That make you almost shoot ur loads of cum.
But you are just not gonna let me get what i want.
I rub it gently but firmly untill i get myself so slippery, and your hair and cock soaked and swallow.
Then carefully i place your dick head into my cunt, you look at me in alarm.
I smile back, licking my lips and say fuck me....
You thrust deep in me but n very slow motion, coz you are not gonna let your wife sense anything wrong.
So carefully thrusting, you wear a smile and still watching at your wife.

I dont know how would you feel, but down here i'm getting so thrilled and horny, thinking that i'm fucking you infront of ur wife.
You couldnt take it anymore and tell your wife that you're gonna call the mechanic.
You grab me while ur dick still in me, lift me up facing you, my back against the door,
you fuck me harsh and fast.

I moan out loud, begging daddy to forgive me for being naughty, but you said its too late i have to be punished.
You fuck so hard and so fasr that my boobs bouncing in the air brushing your face.
Your balls slam on my butt, You had it go on for more than 30mins and make me cum 3 times in a row.
I was exhausted and lay down on the floor.

"Honey," your wife called up for you.
You return to the window immediately, she said the car is ok now, and wave goodbye to u.
You smile and waved goodbye.
When you look at me on the floor again, i just finish milking the last drop of ur cum and swallowed. Licking my fingers and lips, looking at you with lust.
Daddy, i said, i want to be punish in your car.
You smirk and carry me in your arms.
You know i'll never be a good girl.


  1. Great story, definately loved this one! Good job Shanon, post more soon!

  2. glad you love that honey, will post more :)